Uk France Quarantine Agreement

    France and a number of other nations have been removed from the list of safe countries where people can travel without being quarantined upon their return to Britain. Some holidaymakers said they would instead accept quarantine restrictions upon their return. The Foreign Ministry is now warning against „all such important trips“ to France – the quarantine measure was imposed on Spain on July 25. Britain reinstated quarantine last week for travelers from Andorra, Belgium and the Bahamas. Read also: France-UNITED KINGDOM Quarantine: how would my insurance be affected? He said that if someone followed the law when it comes to quarantine and self-isolation, „they can`t have penalties against them.“ Britain said on Thursday it would reset quarantine for travelers from France and the Netherlands, prompting Paris to quickly announce a „reciprocal measure.“ The British government said on Friday that British travellers should not be surprised by their new quarantine rules, as France has pledged to take reciprocal action. The quarantine will come into effect on Saturday 15 August at 04:00 BST (05:00 French time), meaning that anyone who needs to stay in France after this period will have to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in the UK. The Association of British Insurers has stated that travel insurance remains valid for people who are already in quarantine countries until they return home. People in voluntary quarantine in France could walk around or buy food, but not meet other people, and it was not recommended to self-isolate with friends or family unless, before your arrival, they were in the same household as sieI If you have traveled or crossed a country in the last 14 days, who is not on the exception lists, you must respect the quarantine period for 14 days after leaving that country. If you want to travel to the UK for less than 14 days, you must remain in isolation throughout your visit, then you can leave the UK and do your best to avoid public transport when you go to the train station or airport. France has been put on the UK`s coronavirus quarantine list, meaning anyone who returns to Britain after 4am on Saturday must be quarantined for 14 days or expect a fine. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has previously said that no worker who guides the quarantine should be sanctioned by employers, including the payment of sickness benefits. Jonathan Fieldsend, from Woodbridge to Suffolk, who is due to return from France only on 18 August with his family, said: „We have fully accepted the risk we took when the quarantine was introduced. We will not back down. This despite the assistants of the official Covid 19 helpline in France, who announced twice on August 10 to Connexion that there were no plans to reintroduce quarantine for visitors arriving from Britain to France in a move from „for Tat“.

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