Consulting Agreement Travel Time

    Whether you pay me directly or indirectly; It will be part of my bill. Sometimes concealment is a wonderful thing. I work for a boutique consultant with a local client who wants more of me on site. They are terribly disorganized and I don`t have enough meetings on the ground to justify my days on the ground. You want me to be there for the comfort of guests. The thing is, it takes 2-3 hours of RT, and I`ve been doing this for a few years. I`m on top of that. This is one of those times when I`m happy that I`m not really an advisor, I`m just doing consultative things. All my trips are charged at 50% of my normal price. This free messaging course guides you through three steps of action to generate revenue now. Whether it`s your first project or your hundredth project.

    If you start immediately, you will be able to do more insolent work as early as next week. If you follow these three steps, you will have the best possible chance of getting other consulting projects. It works for me, and I see that it works for others, again and again…

    Exoman má najširší záber tém, keďže píše rukami exákov :)