The Ohio Agreement

    When you enter into a trade agreement, the contracting parties can stick to its terms for many reasons. For some, meeting the agreed terms is a matter of reputation, for others it may just be the moral thing. Of course, in some cases it is legally obligatory to honour a contract. The Bosnian peace plan has been severely beaten, but it would end four bloody years that have killed more than 250,000 people and driven more than two million people. The final agreement was a tribute to the skills of Holbrooke and his negotiating team; To the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Christopher, who played a key role in keeping Bosnians on board and concluding the agreement at critical points; Anthony Lake, who helped sell the peace initiative to the parties involved and who insisted with Holbrooke that the talks conclude in the United States; To the Deputy National Security Adviser, Mr. Samuel Berger, who chaired the meetings of the Committee of Deputies, who informed citizens of national security operations in other nations of what was happening without much interference; and UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright, who has been effectively committed to the strong U.S. position within the World Federation. Peace has endured since the signing of the Dayton Accords. Appendix 4 of the General Framework Agreement remains the Constitution for Bosnia and Herzegovina and remains the basis of the current political divisions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its governmental structure.

    The agreement also laid the groundwork for NATO military action in Kosovo in 1999, which has since led to the province`s independence. Serbian leader Miloévié was arrested for war crimes and died of natural causes during his trial in 2006. On 13 February 2008, the head of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Eljko Komié, declared that the original Dayton Agreements had been lost from the presidency`s archives. The High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Miroslav Lajak said: „I don`t know if the news is sad or funny.“ [24] On 16 November 2009, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs handed over the certified copy of the Dayton Agreements to the French Embassy in Sarajevo. The copy was then handed over to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina. [25] The original was found in 2017 in a private residence in Pale, which led to the arrest of one person. [26] The war in Croatia lasted until January 1992, when an unconditional ceasefire established a turbulent peace between the Croatian government and ethnic Serbs. The war between Croats and Bosniaks ended with the signing of the Washington Agreement in March 1994 and ended an uncomfortable alliance known as the Bosnian-Croat federation. Meanwhile, fighting between Croatian and Bosnian forces and Serbs continued despite international efforts for a lasting ceasefire, including a no-fly zone, a fire-free zone around Sarajevo and humanitarian operations. In February 1994, when NATO first used force, NATO fighter jets shot down four Serbian aircraft that violated the no-fly zone. Later, in May 1995, NATO conducted air raids on the Serbian stronghold of Pale.

    If a party does not meet its obligations, the aggrieved party may be obliged to go to the legal system to enforce the treaty. However, in order for the courts to enforce a contract, certain legal formalities must be in place.

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