State Of Ohio Master Lease Agreement

    I, the undersigned is the duly appointed secretary and in office or secretary of the school board of Sarasota County, Florida („Lessee“), DO HEREBY CERTIFY that (i) I have the record keeping of the tenant; and (ii) on the basis of a review of these tenant registrations on the following date, the following persons were authorized, in the capacities specified in their name, to bind the tenant with full authorization to the state and local lease agreement between the tenant and hewlett-Packard Financial Services Company as a lessor („Master Agreement“) and all other agreements , documents and instruments that are exported and delivered and must be exported and delivered as part of it, including, but not limited to the master contract, all schedules and certificates of acceptance (as defined in the master`s agreement; collectively called „documents“); and (iii) the signature that opposes that person`s name and the present contract of that „convention“) in Cincinnati, Ohio, with the effect of ______Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 („Renter“) and , together the „parties“). 1. EQUIPMENT LEASED. Renter to Tenant and Tenant By the owner, all equipment (including all additions, supplements, parts, parts, repairs, replacements, replacements, substitutions and upgrades from time to time) (all „equipment“) described in each individual equipment rental schedule and delivered in accordance with this agreement (singly, a „schedule,“ and together, „Schedules“). Each timeline contains this agreement. 2. DURATION. a) calendars. The duration of each S This Master Lease Agreement of July 20, 2020 (this „agreement“) is between bench of America Leasing – Capital, LLC, a limited liability company in Delaware, which has an office in 11333 McCormick Road, Hunt Valley, MD 21031 (with its successors and transfer recipients, „Lessor“) and Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

    as „Lessee,“ a company that exists under Delaware state laws. , and with its main office and any organizational identification number, as indicated when executing this contract below. Some of the defined terms used here in this agreement and in section 15 are marked in this agreement and in section 15 in grease marks and quotation marks. This agreement sets out the conditions for the rental of equipment between the lessor and each tenant in question, in accordance with one or more „schedules“ that specify the terms and conditions of this agreement, as well as all exhibitions, Addenda, calendars, certificates, horsemen and other documents and sub-contracts executed – between the taker and a person wishing to continue the tenancy contract between the taker and the lessor containing. , known as a subtenant. The subtenant must comply with all the terms of the framework contract and the tenant, in case of delay, bears all responsibility for his actions. CONSIDERING that the City of Barberton (Lake Lessee), a well-organized political and corporatist organization that exists as a political sub-element, a municipal body or a similar public body in the State of Ohio, is authorized, in accordance with Ohio State laws, to acquire, acquire and lease certain equipment and other property for the property of the tenant and its occupants; and return (No. 5321.16) – Within 30 (30) days of the termination of a tenancy agreement, the lessor is required to reimburse the tenant, with any interest, their amount for the deposit.

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