Sample Airport Lease Agreement

    ACRP Legal Research Digest 23: A Guide for Compliance with Grant Agreement Obligations to Provide Reasonable Access to a AIP-Funded Public Use General Luftfahrt Airport Describes the assurances given by airport sponsors who receive FAA grants and how these assurances prevent the sponsor from unduly restricting access to aviation activities at general aviation airports. While each lease is made up of identical or similar essential elements, each lease must be tailored to the specific circumstances and characteristics of the landlord-tenant relationship. Fer bundesweite Flughefen messen die Mietbedingungen den Zuschusszusicherungen sowie allen staatlichen oder lokalen Anforderungen entsprechen. FAA Contract 5190.6 Appendix O: Minimum Standards Models for Commercial Aeronautical Activities Minimum Standards Models for Commercial Activities, including General Leasing Clauses for Airport Contracts. Ground-Building Lease Agreement Template Sample Sample Lease Template Template Template for the rental of airport sites for the development of a hangar or for the rental of an entire hangar building and the floor on which it sits. ACRP Legal Research Digest 30: Contract Risk Management for Airport Agreements provides a general overview of the types of agreements typically used by airports of all sizes. It identifies the primary risks associated with any type of agreement, and the annexes provide exemplary languages from four organizations that illustrate how they manage and reduce these risks. Farmland Leasing Agreement Template Sample Leasing Model for farms on airport land. Acrp Report 47: Guidebook for Developing and Leasing Airport Property Survey on issues related to the development and leasing of available airport land and summarizes best practices from the airport sponsor`s perspective. The guide contains a large number of case studies that show several approaches taken by airports to develop and re-mine real estate for both aeronautical and non-aeronautical purposes. Model shed lease model model rental for space in an existing shed. U.S.

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