Learning Agreement Beispiel

    Page 2 – Section „If students do not successfully complete certain training elements, the following rules apply“: page 3 – Section „Responsible person at the sending institution.“ The purpose of the apprenticeship agreement is to prepare exchanges in a transparent and effective manner to ensure recognition of learning abroad. Please include the name of your programme coordinator: page 5 – Table F: „Recognized benefits at the Free University of Berlin“ The apprenticeship agreement covers all learning skills sought for a stay abroad. Students, the sending institution and the host institution will conclude a „learning agreement“ on the study/internship program to be carried out abroad before the start of the exchange. . Careful! Depending on the number of columns you had to complete to choose your course, the extra points can be moved one page. Page 1 – Section „The Sending Institution“ page 4 – Table C „Exceptionsal changes to Table A“ . Careful! Depending on the extent of the information you saved on page 1, the following points can be moved from one page. . The three parties to the apprenticeship agreement agree to abide by all agreements reached to ensure that studies/internships abroad are recognized without any other requirements. .

    Page 2 – Table A: „Study program at the institution receiving“: you will find information on when, where and how you should collect the signatures and submit or submit the form on the „Submission of the Learning Agreement“ website at the bottom of this site, under „Links on the subject.“ Page 5 – line „Start and end dates of the study period“ (under „Table E“) To the news: Ms. Erthner is the outgoing student advisor at the Central Office for International Student Mobility at the Free University of Berlin and responsible for granting the mobility allowance. . . . In the case of a stay abroad for internship purposes, the apprenticeship agreement defines the terms of recognition of the internship, depending on whether it is counted in terms of the completion of the student, whether it is a voluntary internship (non-compulsory) or whether it is carried out immediately after the end of higher education (see guidelines below). Preparation: Please first read the frequently asked questions about course selection and the apprenticeship agreement, as well as guidance on the recognition of out-of-school benefits. You will find this information in the bottom of this website under „Links on the subject.“ In the case of a stay abroad for study purposes, the apprenticeship agreement defines the components of education that will be replaced by the student`s certificate of completion if the program of study is successfully conducted abroad (see guidelines below). Page 1 – „Student Language Skills“ Section.

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